Product Features

DustDetect, Online Sampling of Filtered Air

DustDetect is a cutting-edge air sampling device. Specifically designed for protection of diesel engines against “dusting”, it measures particulate quantities and sizes in filtered air samples. DustDetect provides regular and real time insight into filter performance, proactive monitoring to mitigate the risk of excessive particulate contamination.

Choose DustDetect for industry-leading performance and peace of mind.

Intelligent Measurement Methodology

DustDetect takes samples when the engine load passes a pre-set threshold. Accurate monitoring requires maintaining a turbulent flow regime within the sample lines, effectively preventing any particles from “dropping out”. Sufficient turbulence is required for the system to ensure accurate particulate measurements. The chosen approach mitigates the risk of obtaining low readings caused by particle dropout at low load and prevents sudden surges in readings that could occur when increased loads carry  previously dropped-out particles into the sensor.

Measurement Principle Laser Scattering (source: Sensirion AG)

Certified Optical Sensor

A MCERT certified particulates sensor using laser scattering technology for accurate measurement of size and quantity of particulates up to PM2.5. Projected lifetime of this sensor is 5-10 years. It can however easily be changed out if required.

Global connectivity

DustDetect is designed to be online. When offline it will log data and offload as soon as connectivity is restored. DustDetect has a build-in 4G modem but can also be connected through Ethernet. 

Android and iOS Apps

The DustDetect module is capable of sending notifications through a dedicated app available on both iOS and Android platforms. This feature keeps drivers informed about the quality of air filtration in real-time, enabling prompt action when necessary.

Full Web Dashboard

A full web dashboard is available for real-time monitoring and configuration of a large fleet of DustDetect units. Alerts can be set and analysed. 


Versatile Pressure Inputs

DustDetect boasts four pressure inputs, offering multifaceted functionalities. These inputs serve diverse purposes, including monitoring pressure differentials across the air-filter and overseeing the completion of regeneration cycles for the Diesel Particulates Filter (DPF). With these inputs, DustDetect provides comprehensive insights into the performance and maintenance needs of critical engine components.


The fully self-contained DustDetect unit has a push-to-test button for testing of the optional light-tower and horn. 

Measurements Specifications

ParameterRangeAccuracyMin. Detection
Particulate Matter 0.5 (PM0.5)0 to 3000 #/cm3±100 #/cm31 #/cm3
Particulate Matter 1.0 (PM1.0)0 to 1000 µg/m3
0 to 3000 #/cm3
±10 µg/m3
±100 #/cm3
1 µg/m3
1 #/cm3
Particulate Matter 2.5 (PM2.5)0 to 1000 µg/m3
0 to 3000 #/cm3
±10 µg/m3
±100 #/cm3
1 µg/m3
1 #/cm3
4 pressure-inputs0.5 Vdc to 4.5 Vdc (ratiometric to supply)16 bit ADC