Frequently Asked Questions

DustDetect, equipped with an MCERT certified optical sensor, samples filtered air entering diesel engines to measure particulate content, ensuring proper filtration and preventing potential engine damage due to dusting.

DustDetect can sample from up to four different locations and processes these samples using a laser sensor that utilizes scattering techniques to measure both the quantity and size of particulates in the air. These measurements are then compared against predefined threshold levels, triggering an alert and activating a local alarm if thresholds are exceeded.

Industries that stand to gain from installing DustDetect are those characterized by inherent dustiness and other harmful particulates

DustDetect boasts key features including the capability to sample from four distinct air inlets, making it compatible with engines like the Cummins QSK-60 with its four individual turbochargers and air inlets, alongside a highly precise MCERT certified optical sensor. Its intelligent sampling algorithm ensures samples are taken only at specified minimum loads, while its continuous online presence empowers operation and maintenance crews to effectively manage extensive fleets

Detailed technical specifications for DustDetect are available in the accompanying specification sheet found here

DustDetect allows a simple and rapid installation. Its compact design facilitates the locating of an appropriate enclosure space. To optimise accuracy, it’s recommended to keep sample-tubing length minimal. Comprehensive installation instructions are available in the installation manual, accessible upon request, ensuring a straightforward setup procedure.

Operating DustDetect is straightforward and intuitive, yet IMBU also provides online training to ensure drivers and the operation and maintenance crew fully leverage its capabilities for optimal performance.

At IMBU, we are committed to providing you with the best possible experience. If you have any questions, concerns, or encounter any issues with your DustDetect unit, our dedicated support team is ready to assist you.

Simply drop us an email and our knowledgeable support team will get back to you promptly.

DustDetect is backed by an 18-month warranty from the date of shipment or a 12-month warranty from the start of use, providing comprehensive coverage for your peace of mind.

CabSafe uses 4G LTE for data offloading via the cellular network. If 4G is unavailable, data will be locally stored. In such cases, Data can be transferred via e.g. Ethernet or Wifi.

For offline applications a Modbus TCP data-link is available to enable a DCS/SCADA to pick-up all operational data.

To order DustDetect, you can conveniently visit our online store on this website. Alternatively, send your inquiry via email to We will promptly respond with a proposal to meet your needs.

For large fleet operators, we offer a demo program to facilitate the testing and evaluation of DustDetect. This program allows you to experience the functionality and benefits of DustDetect firsthand before committing.

DustDetect employs an MCERT-certified particle sensor to measure up to PM2.5 levels. This measurement is achieved through laser scattering technology, ensuring an accurate and reliable assessment of particulate matter within the cabin environment.