Protect your engines against dusting!

Why DustDetect?

Detect Silica Intrusion Before It Strikes! Safeguard Your Engines Today

Low Cost Retrofit

DustDetect shields engines from dusting. A simple, quick installation of DustDetect is a cost-effective solution that prevents replacing an entire engine.

Optical Sensing

Utilizes certified optical laser sensing technology and advanced algorithms for precise monitoring of PM0.5 to PM2.5, featuring four independently controlled sample inputs.

Local Alerts

DustDetect notifies the driver through a light tower and horn, ensuring immediate awareness and prompt action.

DustDetect samples inlet air post-filtration to assess the filter's effectiveness

Filtering combustion air for diesel engines like the Caterpillar 3516 is crucial. The objective is to prevent the massive intake of air (ranging from 2 to 10 million liters per hour), from carrying harmful particles into the engine. To date, the effectiveness of the inlet filter is monitored by measuring the pressure drop across the filter.

Setting a new Standard:
DustDetect's Revolutionary Approach

DustDetect revolutionizes air filtration monitoring with a Real-Time analysis, safeguard for engine "dusting". Unlike traditional methods that rely on outdated metrics, DustDetect ensures optimal engine protection, performance and longevity by proactively identifying potential issues before they escalate. DustDetect is the future of engine protection.

Real-Time Monitoring

Continuous online sampling ensures that there is no lapse in protection.

4 Air-sample Inputs

Includes 4 inputs for independent sampling of 4 air-inlets (QSK-60)

Web Dashboard

Track a large fleet of vehicles through DustDetect portal


Supports 4G and WiFi for offloading critical operational data

Fast Installation

Fast installation enables quick roll-out across large fleet


4 additional pressure inputs for e.g. checking regeneration dpf

Fleet-wide awareness of the air quality supplied to diesel engines

Harnessing the power of online analytics with DustDetect empowers operators to optimize air-filtration across a large fleet of mining trucks. By providing real-time insights into air quality and filtration efficiency, DustDetect enables operators to:

Android & iOS Support

DustDetect comes with a dedicated app for both Android and iOS.

Personal Alerts

Truck-drivers receive personal alerts when air quality to the diesel-engine drops below critical levels.

Automated Reporting

Automated reporting streamlines operations and maintenance, promoting efficiency throughout.

Navigating the Dust Dilemma

DustDetect Innovative Solutions

Dust, comprising a significant portion of Silicon Dioxide (silica), possesses hardness and abrasive properties that render it valuable in numerous industrial applications, including sandblasting, grinding, and polishing. However, when introduced into an engine, silica dust can inflict substantial harm. Its abrasive nature can e.g. lead to the polishing of liners, resulting in the loss of compression and fuel seepage into the oil. Over time, these detrimental effects culminate in engine failure, underscoring the critical importance of effective filtration systems to safeguard engine integrity and performance

Join Us in Expanding DustDetect Worldwide

We’ve taken the initial steps worldwide with successful DustDetect installations in key markets including Australia, the US, and China. Now, we’re seeking distribution partners to help us scale up sales and further penetrate these markets.

With proven installations already in place, DustDetect is poised for rapid growth. Partner with us and become a part of our global network, bringing innovative air filtration monitoring solutions to industries around the world.

Ready to join the DustDetect journey? Contact us today to explore partnership opportunities and play a pivotal role in shaping the future of air filtration technology.

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